Top 10 most playful dog breeds

1. Labrador retriever

The most popular breed in the USA. Anyone with a Labrador retriever knows that they are real masters of pranks, this is especially evident in their youth. Together with the dog, it is immediately better for the whole family to buy mountain bikes, on which you can go on long walks with a shaggy friend.

2. English Cocker Spaniel

Hunting dog. It is constantly in activity and movement due to its energy. They feel the owner and his mood well. It is also one of the kindest and most family dogs.

English Cocker Spaniel

3. Maltese lapdog

Long-haired breed of dog. Exercise is what this breed of dog loves the most. They can also rarely be calm, most often they can turn a room into their own small polygon.

Maltese lapdog

4. Boxer

Unlike the previous options, this one belongs to more serious and aggressive breeds. Possesses great loyalty to his master, is very wary of strangers. Requires a lot of attention, training and physical activity.


5. Toy Terrier

They belong to the group of small decorative dogs. They are very friendly, sociable, cheerful and sincere in nature. From time to time, she may ask for her hands, since it is there that she feels as comfortable as possible. They get along well with all family members, which is easy for both the child and the pensioner to cope with.

Toy Terrier

6. Bichon Frize

The same applies to the group of small dogs. Amenable to litter training, but still needs regular active walks in the fresh air. Like most of these breeds, this one tends to be fun and very playful.

Bichon Frize

7. Dachshund

Dachshunds are very resourceful and sometimes do just amazing pranks. A six-month-old dachshund puppy loves to break loose when lying on endurance, to steal a nearby someone else’s leash and rush with it to its owner, a hunting dog breed with short legs.


8. Jack Russell Terrier

Easily trainable breed. It is thanks to his explosive nature and endless cunning that he is so loved. The keen mind of this little terrier makes him a noble prankster. Jack Russell Terrier is quite popular in our country.

Jack Russell Terrier

9. Beagle


A medium-sized hunting dog with short legs and longer, softer ears. Not the brightest of the canine representatives, but the little pranks that she will do will not leave you indifferent! A very intelligent breed.

10. Pug


The pug is a true connoisseur of playfulness and pranks. His comical appearance fully reflects his character. A one-year-old pug puppy is capable of a speed of about 20 km / h. Although his reserve of strength for an active game will last for a few minutes, his perky nature allows him to give his best.

20 interesting games with a dog for a walk and at home

Most of us love to spend time lying on the couch and watching TV or laptop, but, unfortunately, dogs are not particularly happy with this pastime. Pets prefer joint activities – walking, playing and teaching teams. If it does not immediately occur to you what to do with your dog, then we suggest reading our selection, learning how to play with the dog at home or on a walk, and tomorrow you will have a great time with your pet.

Playing with the dog at home

  • Leave the dog alone in the room and close the door. Call the dog to you. This exercise will be much easier if the door opens outward – the dog only needs to push it with his paw or nose. Doors that open inward are not an easy task. Let the dog find the door to open it.
  • Take old boots or a folded handkerchief and pour the treat inside. Observe how the dog tries to get a treat.
  • In front of the dog’s eyes, open the drawer, put the treat in there and close it again, but so that there is a small gap. Let the dog get the treat.
  • Tie a large treat, such as a pig’s ear, to a cord or rope, and tuck it farther under the cupboard so that only the end of the rope is within reach. Make sure that the dog is only rewarded for pulling the treat by the rope. Be careful, the dog must not swallow the cord!
  • Take a bowl of water and place a non-sinking treat lid or toy in the water. Order the dog to get the treat.
  • Lay out a path of goodies in the apartment and let the dog along it.
  • Arrange the stools one behind the other and cover the top with a blanket to create a tunnel. Use a treat to make your dog walk through it
  • Hang a towel in the doorway so that it reaches the ground. Call your dog to walk through this veil.
  • Tell your dog to run through the rolling hula hoop . To make the exercise easier, do not start the hoop right away, first hold it in front of you and run with it. Use a treat to show your dog how to run through the hoop. When you get it right, you can put on the hoop and tell the dog to jump over it.
  • Teach your dog to jump over jump ropes. Give one end of the jumpers to a friend, and hold the other yourself. Use the “Barrier” command to make the dog jump at the exact time. Be careful not to hit the dog!


Outdoor games with your dog

Bury the food or toy shallowly in the ground or under foliage and have your dog reach for it.

Stick a stick with the treat attached at the top into the ground, or hang it on a rope (be careful, the dog should never swallow the rope or stick). The exercise can be made more difficult if the stick with the treat wiggles. In this case, be sure to monitor the safety of the dog.

Offer your dog to jump over a series of obstacles if you find suitable ones on the playground.

Find a wide trunk of a rickety or fallen tree and order your dog to jump on it.

Teach the dog to move away from you in different directions with the command “Forward . ”

Teach your dog to run around trees at your command . To do this, circle it around a small tree using a treat. Repeat the exercise daily and then increase the distance. Make sure that the dog at your gesture and command can run around trees that are 10 meters away from you.

Teach your pet to jump off walls and trees as described in the Parkour exercise .

Order the dog to find a person he knows, provided that he did not see where he was hiding.
Walk with your dog and a friend along the stream that has a bridge across it. Then stay on this bank and ask your friend and dog to go to the other. Walk further parallel to the shore for 10-20 meters. A friend with a dog should do the same on the opposite bank. Then call the dog and wait until it comes up with an idea to go back to the bridge to get to you.

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