The smartest dog breeds in the world

A dog is a unique animal. Scientists have found that she is capable of performing the simplest mathematical calculations, recognizes 300 words and gestures, can perform various functions – guarding a house, being a shepherd, and learning. The rating of the smartest dog breeds is based on these characteristics and features.

What is the intelligence of a dog

What is the intelligence of a dog

Canine intelligence is manifested in any action performed by an individual. For example, some individuals perfectly guard the house, graze the herd. Others serve as guides for the blind, play the role of a psychotherapist for people in trouble. Still others are capable of learning, executing commands – “sit”, “bring a stick”, “lie down”. High skills are characteristic of breeds that are actively hunted, searched, and rescued.

1. Border Collie

Border Collie

Initially, dogs were bred to graze sheep in areas of Scotland, England. Their popularity is associated with the observation of the breed, the correct, timely reaction to the command of the shepherd.

They are loyal, intelligent, energetic dogs. They are friendly to people and children. Their development requires fresh air, outdoor games, freedom, physical activity. In the absence of due attention from the owner, the border collie can show stubbornness and disobedience. With professional training, dogs take first places in competitions related to physical fitness, agility.

2. Poodle

hese decorative dogs with trendy haircuts and bows have amazing learning abilities, love for outdoor games with their owner and are ranked second in the top 10 breeds. They are distinguished by high intelligence, the ability to train, upbringing, friendliness to children, a great need for daily exercise.

Previously, such dogs were taken to hunt, for example, individuals capable of swimming took out shot game from the water. Now they play a decorative role, participate in exhibitions and competitions.

The breed’s only drawback is its coat, which requires daily grooming. However, thanks to the special salons, this is no longer a problem.

3. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The breed ranks third in the ranking for intelligence. Initially, it was used for grazing livestock, acting as soldiers, guides, bodyguards, and security guards.

The German Shepherd must be trained from a young age – 1.5-2 months from birth. This will help instill lessons in obedience, foster reliability, responsibility. She needs constant physical training, mental stress.

4. Golden Retriever

These are true intellectuals who can memorize up to 200 commands. They are often filmed in films, used as guides for the blind, and are involved in search and rescue operations. Such individuals are distinguished from other relatives by a developed sense of smell, friendliness, tenderness and affection towards the owner.

5. Sheltie


Dogs of this breed resemble miniature collies. They were originally kept as watchmen to graze livestock. These animals love attention, are happy to demonstrate tricks in front of an audience, they are ready to do anything for the sake of praise or a treat.

Sheltie features are shyness in front of strangers, a high degree of anxiety. At the slightest suspicion of a dangerous situation, shrill barking can be heard from them.

This breed is easy to train: it easily fulfills and masters new complex commands, tasks for agility, search.

6. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The dog is distinguished by a friendly character, energy, devotion to the owner. She can participate in search operations, provide psychotherapeutic assistance in orphanages and hospitals, be a guide, a rescuer.

The breed is very well attuned to people, therefore it is undesirable to use it as a watchman. Her favorite pastime is outdoor games, physical activity in the form of walks, jogging. Individuals achieve particular success when executing obedience commands.

7. Papillon


These small, decorative companion dogs are known for their diminutive size and butterfly-like ears. They are very vigilant, careful, easy to train, carry out the most difficult commands.

8. Doberman


It is a vigilant, fearless watchdog that is easy to care for. He is friendly towards people, very strongly attached to the owner.

Doberman Pinscher is stubborn, so he needs an experienced owner, a consistent approach to education. He learns quickly, follows commands with ease. Training must necessarily include active exercises with a lot of movement.

9. Rottweiler


The dog can become a reliable, brave, loyal companion. It is used for security, service.

The owner of such a dog must have a steely character, be persistent and exacting during training. In no case should the emergence of aggression be allowed. You can reinforce the successes in the execution of commands with praise, a delicacy.

10. Healer

The disadvantage of such herding dogs is their aggressive, suspicious nature. This often interferes with performances at exhibitions and competitions. The owner of such a dog needs to teach him to open up in front of the judges and be always on the alert.

From an early age, it is important to attend obedience courses with this pet, where humane parenting methods are used. Physical punishment is not acceptable.

11.Australian Shepherd

australian Shepherd

This breed has an unusual appearance, good external and mental data. To educate a dog, active, long walks, games on the ground and sufficient physical activity are necessary. In their absence, the animal itself will find something to do, which the owner may not like.

12. Kurzhaar

This is a very active breed with a curious, good-natured character, loving society and children. She is famous for her irrepressible energy, developed intelligence, so it is important to work with her, constantly instill good qualities and teach something new.

Kurzhaar can be used for hunting, these individuals are not afraid of frost and insects.


Bouviers are called “Belgian bears” because of their large size and shaggy, abundant coat. They are strong, courageous, resilient and capable of many commands. For example, to guard, graze cattle, monitor the local area, drag things from one place to another.

In the absence of early socialization, dogs are distinguished by an aggressive, evil character. The Bouvier owner must be a firm, confident leader who knows how to clearly and consistently give commands.

14. Briard


This smart and daring breed has decorative looks and large size. Briards are obedient and loyal, in need of physical, emotional stress. With insufficient training, they become lethargic, apathetic, sometimes angry.

Training should include long-term active walking, response tasks, endurance, flexibility and agility. In competitions, the breed often receives titles not only for success, but also for external beauty.

15. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

The nature of the amstaff depends on the approach to education. A dog can be a kind, loyal creature that does not threaten society. But with inexperienced training and training, special provocation of aggression, it becomes a ferocious, bloodthirsty animal.

These individuals study successfully, love long active walks. If this is not possible, the dog needs a properly equipped enclosure to release energy.

16. Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi

Representatives of this breed are included in the list of highly intelligent dogs. They are cheerful, easily and quickly become attached to the owner, family members. In training, they tend to perform circus tricks, participate in dog sports – flyball, agility.

17. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

This breed has a bizarre appearance – bushy eyebrows and a long beard flaunt on the muzzle.

Miniature Schnauzers are often referred to as “barbel”. They are very brave, sometimes in conflict with their relatives. Strangers are seen as a threat to their family. Individuals are smart, stubborn. During training, you should show moderate assertiveness, a sense of tact.

18. Springer Spaniel

This is an intelligent, kind, careful and considerate breed. She can be a nanny for children, rarely used as a guard.

To maintain good physical shape, dogs need exercise, daily walks. They are distinguished by excessive curiosity, developed sense of smell, therefore, once on the street, the Springer Spaniel searches and sniffs the territory in search of something unusual.

19. Pomeranian


This dwarf breed is ranked 19th in intelligence rankings. She is very active, loves society and other non-dominant animals. On the street, dogs are happy to jump, run, frolic. In the absence of the necessary physical activity, the Pomeranian will display behavioral traits that are unpleasant for the owner.

20. Mittelschnauzer



Because of their appearance, these individuals are called “bearded and browed” dogs. They have a wayward character, very active, playful. A feature of the breed – the desire to please the owner is used by experienced trainers when raising them.

Another character trait of a mittel schnauzer is stubbornness, so the owner must be a person with a firm hand and great experience. The dog needs physical and mental stress, communication, joint pastime with a person.

The smartest dog breeds are just rankings. Any pet needs constant education, training, development of intellectual and physical abilities.




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