The most loyal dog breeds

Loyalty and loyalty for pets is an innate feeling. All breeds are bred for this or that service to man. The above list contains the most loyal dogs, breeds that cannot exist without human attention, becoming not just dogs that perform official functions, but real family members, loved and loving. The list of breeds that are distinguished by their boundless love for people and the desire to serve is very long. Let’s consider just a few of them.

1. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the most famous breed of service dogs. Many films and books have been written about the devotion and loyalty of the German Shepherd. The German Shepherd is strong, hardy, obedient, the meaning of life is serving the owner. Initially, “German women” were shepherds, despite the fact that the breed has not been used for these purposes for a long time, the shepherd’s instincts have not disappeared, if necessary, the dog will cope with the herd, as in the old days. Sheepdog is a great nanny for children. A pet that, on automatism, will unquestioningly carry out the owner’s commands, but it is imperative to engage in education, training. Thanks to their extraordinary mind, training a German shepherd is an easy task, they quickly master commands, even a beginner in dog breeding can cope with education. Despite the learned orders, training must be continued throughout life so as not to lose skills.

2. Labrador retriever


Perhaps this is the most popular breed of large dogs for keeping in the house. Labradors are loyal, loyal pets; they cannot remain without an owner for a long time. Companion dogs who are happy to fulfill the requirements of the owner. Charismatic breed – eternal puppies, adults or even seniors retain a playful character. The Labrador Retriever is the best family dog, easy to train, ready to follow all commands. Labradors are active dogs, they love to swim, run, jump. They treat other animals well, get along with children – an outgoing breed.

3. Border Collie

One of the smartest breeds, dependent on humans, ready to fulfill any commands, hardworking, efficient. Border Collies are still used as shepherds, their shepherd qualities are incredibly developed. Dogs are able to predict the owner’s command, perform the necessary actions even before uttering the command. Work brings joy to the pet – the border collie is always ready to keep company on a walk or play with children. Dogs of this breed do not have aggression towards humans, a reliable companion dog for an active owner who is ready to pay a lot of attention to the dog, to play sports with the pet. Border collies, thanks to their remarkable training abilities, are champions of cynological sports – agility, obedience, freestyle. Dependent on the person, loyal, loyal to the owner. Dogs who are ready to serve, enjoy working with people.

4. Bullmastiff


A large, massive dog, not as huge as other types of mastiffs, but larger than a bulldog. Bred in the UK by crossing Old English Bulldogs with Mastiffs. The purpose of the bullmastiff is to protect a person, but thanks to his good instinct, dogs are often used in the search for prohibited substances, tracking work. Bullmastiffs are loyal to the owner of the dog, massive, affectionate, kind in relation to the owner, family. But they are unfriendly, wary of strangers. Bullmastiff is a gentle nanny for a child, besides, a brave security guard who will look after, will keep the child playing. But it will also protect if danger arises, even at the cost of its own life.


5. Rottweiler


Strong, with a balanced character, a dog of one owner, which is ready to guard and protect to the last. Despite the serious appearance, incredible strength, power. These dogs are affectionate, good-natured in relation to the family, loving, ready to carry out any commands of the owner. Initially, back in the days of the Roman Empire, the purpose of the Rottweilers was to guard herds, they were also used as hertogons. Today, Rottweilers are used as guards, bodyguards, police or army service. The Rottweiler is a brave, incredibly loyal dog, who once bought a puppy of this breed will no longer take another.





The Doberman is a strong dog, self-confident, completely balanced. Doberman Pinscher is devoted to the owner and family, distrustful of strangers. Get along well with other animals, loves children. Due to their strength, courage, and also quick learning, Dobermans are used in the police service, search and rescue service. The true purpose of the breed is a bodyguard, that says it all, the dog is ready to follow the owner on the heels. Due to its calm nature, loving attitude towards family members, the Doberman is a reliable companion, a brave guard, a loyal friend.

7. Giant Schnauzer

The strong, patient dog was originally used to guard the herd. But later, the duties of the bearded men included the protection of a person, property – with which the rizenes cope perfectly. Giant Schnauzers are distinguished by their calm temperament, remarkable patience, thanks to which they get along well with both other animals and children, even small ones. Giant Schnauzers have boundless loyalty, devotion to the owner. Dogs are always on the alert, ready to guard the flock until the last breath. Despite its calm disposition, the pet requires active walks, energetic games. Rizen quickly learn, will be happy to carry out the commands of the master.

9. Scottish Shepherd

Scottish Shepherd

The Scottish Shepherd Dog, or collie, is a breed of herding dogs bred in Scotland. Collies combine several breeds under a common name, “collies” call all dogs bred in Scotland, but this is not correct. They are among the ten smartest breeds, they are able to predict the desires of the owner, they subtly feel the mood of the owner. Loyal dogs with a light, calm disposition, even a novice dog breeder can cope with education. Thanks to films, collies were popular in Russia before, but gradually the fashion for the breed passed. Most common in Australia and America. Scottish Shepherd Dogs have a highly developed herding instinct, intellectually developed dogs are excellent nannies for children, companions for the owner. Despite its good-natured disposition, protecting the family, the Scottish Shepherd will resist any threat, regardless of the size of the opponent.

10. Sheltie


Sheltie – Shetland Sheepdog – Small format collie. Despite the striking resemblance to the prototype, the Sheltie is an independent breed. This is a compact, obedient, loyal dog. Shelties were bred to graze sheep, but over time, when the flocks became too large, the little shepherds stopped coping – the breed almost disappeared. But thanks to the lovers of the view, the Shelties retained their original appearance, character, becoming loyal companions. A small but brave, hardy breed, the Sheltie is an excellent companion for playing or walking in the fresh air, a nanny for children who will protect her wards, will not hurt anyone. As a prototype (collie), the Sheltie is extremely intelligent. He learns quickly, shows good results in agility, Great Dane Frisbee, freestyle.

11. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier


Despite the reputation of scary, dangerous monsters, amstaff is a dog with an amazing, kind character. This is one of the most loyal, loyal to the owner of the breed. The American Staffordshire Terrier is strong, courageous, yet friendly. Amstaffs are active, cheerful companions. We are ready to serve, to carry out the orders of the owner for praise, but the representatives of the breed need a steady hand, a lot of patience. Staffordshire Terriers quickly, happily learn new commands, but the owner needs to show patience and perseverance to consolidate the command and teach the dog to endure. Pets love children, they are ready to give up everything for the sake of playing with the baby. Amstaff will never betray the owner, will defend with the last bit of strength.

12. Belgian Shepherd Dogs

Belgian Shepherd Dogs

The Belgian Shepherd Dogs unite 4 breeds, which in some countries (for example, the USA) are recognized as separate: long-haired – Groenendael and Tervuren, short-haired Malinois, wire-haired Laquenois. They are united by their place of origin – Belgium, as well as remarkable mental abilities. The most popular Belgian Shepherd Dog – Malinois – is strong, mobile. With a balanced character, intelligent, obedient, hard-working, they are gradually replacing German shepherds in the police and army. Malinois, unlike German shepherds, are more agile, mobile. They possess strength, endurance, ferocity, necessary for carrying out protective-guard, security service. Malinois show the best results in sports training – IPO , competition in guard duty or obedience.


13. Boxer


An energetic dog combines completely opposite qualities: strength and power with the stubborn, cheerful character of a teenager. The boxer is playful and mobile even in old age – an eternal puppy. Initially, they were bred to help the hunters, in order to hunt after the hounds drive the beast, to keep the prey until the hunter arrives. Brave, hardy, very mobile pets, for active people. A good companion, loyal, devoted friend who will protect and cheer up, is always ready to keep company in a fun game or a walk in nature.

14. Cane Corso

The oldest breed of dogs, the image of these molossians appeared on ancient engravings, the ancestors were ancient Roman war dogs, pickling gladiator dogs. Cane Corso is a large, massive animal. With strong, well-developed muscles, an intimidating appearance. The character of the Cane Corso is calm, imperturbable, balanced. Smart, loyal to the owner, four-legged friends, able to make decisions on their own. Despite the combat past, they distinguish the game from a real dangerous situation and will not attack without a real threat to the life of the owner, family or without a team.

15. Golden Retriever


The golden retriever retains the character of a puppy until old age, a dog with a cheerful, playful disposition. Initially, the breed was bred as a hunting one for bringing shot game – from land, or from water. Like Labrador retrievers, Goldens love water, they swim and dive beautifully. The Golden Retriever is a loyal, loyal pet, always ready to keep company on a walk, a tireless lover of running after an object. The Golden Retriever will forever remain a puppy, just as loving, cheerful, despite its age. Great friend for the child, nanny, play companion. Dependent on a person, separation from the owner brings incredible suffering to Golden, which leads to depression or manifestations of destructive behavior, uncontrolled barking.


16. Dalmatian


Dalmatians are athletic, cheerful, loving animals. The Dalmatian is a large dog, but they have absolutely no aggression, this is a companion dog – kind, affectionate, gentle. A companion not for quiet walks, but for games or sports (canicross, agility, flyball) – energetic dogs that require great physical exertion. Dalmatians are very attached to the owner, loyal, intelligent pets. Dalmatian training will delight any owner, even an inexperienced one. They quickly learn new commands, remember them perfectly. With a Dalmatian, you do not have to constantly repeat orders, refreshing in memory, once learned command will be remembered forever.

17. East evropean shepherd dog

The East European Shepherd Dog (VEO) was bred to the USSR for military service. The ancestors of BEO were German shepherds brought from Germany. BEO were bred only from German shepherds, without any admixtures of other genetic codes. Easterners differ in color, size (much more massive than the Germans) and body lines, without the “drooping” rear of German shepherds. Easterners are loyal, loyal dogs of one owner. The character of the East European Shepherd Dogs is stern, strong, balanced. Absolutely self-confident pets that understand their power. Kind, calm with family members, unquestioningly fulfill the owner’s commands, but distrustful of outsiders, with an active aggressive and defensive reaction. VEO is a dog for protection, protection and guard service, infinitely loyal to one owner.

18. Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd Dog, or herder, is bred as a herding dog. She is attentive, observant, quickly and easily trained, but requires great physical exertion. Like most true shepherd dogs, Hurders are attached to the owner, require a lot of attention, are always ready to keep company for walks or games. Despite the boundless love for a person, the absence of aggression, the “Dutchman” is able to protect the charges, announcing the danger by barking. Lack of training, attention of the owner lead to attacks of destructive behavior.

19.English Setter

English Setter

The English Setter is an old noble dog breed whose ancestors were the 15th century English Spaniels. Setter is a gun dog, a great helper for fishermen with a developed hunting instinct – carried away during a walk by the smell, he may not react to the command. But this is the only drawback of the subspecies. The rest – the setter is an amazing companion, loves children, patient, completely non-aggressive dog. Setters are extremely loyal to the family, long separation from the owner even affects the health of the animal. The owner needs to remember this, not to leave the dog alone for a long time.

20. Black Russian Terrier


The Black Russian Terrier is a calm, strong giant. A breed has been developed for service in the armed forces, for the protection of the territory. The Russian Terrier is wary of strangers, a first-class human guard, protector of property. This dog, loyal to the owner, requires the same attention, is strongly attached to the owner. Thanks to its mental abilities, the Black Russian Terrier is easy to train. When the owner is not in danger, these big strong dogs are friendly, but as soon as the situation changes, the “blackie” quickly becomes collected, ready to protect the owner from any threat with lightning speed.

21. Fila brasileiro

The Brazilian Fila is a powerful, heavy dog ​​of the Molossian genus. Fila is not an animal for every owner, the breed was bred to detain runaway slaves, protect herds and homes from predators. The temperament of the Brazilian is distrustful, the dog cannot stand outsiders, the manifestation of aggression, bordering on outright anger, is frequent. Even in Brazil, at home, during exhibitions, judges are not recommended to approach or touch the fila, only the owner demonstrates the exterior to the judge. Despite the frank malice, ferocity, Fila is strongly attached to the owner. Faithful, loyal dog, ready to guard, protect the owner, property. In 15 countries, it is forbidden to breed and even import brasileiro – for example, in the UK, Israel, Norway, you cannot start fila without court permission. And in Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, it is forbidden to breed a phylum as an overly aggressive breed. Loyalty and dedication for dogs is a quality inherent in nature. Each pet, regardless of breed, will love the owner without additional conditions, absolutely selflessly. Raising a dog requires a lot of effort, time, financial costs, but the love that dogs give in return pays for the costs with interest.

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