The Most Ferocious Dogs In The World Top 5

It is quite clear that this depends not only on the size of the animal or the strength of its jaws, but also on the determination of the dog, as well as the fighting qualities of a representative of a particular breed. The combination of these and other indicators can be summed up in one word – ferocity.

In this rating, we will try to answer the question – what are the most ferocious dogs in the world?

5. Caucasian Shepherd Dog


This dog is perhaps the strongest in the world – the weight of individual individuals (males) reaches 90 kg, and its jaws easily cut through the tibia of large ungulates. There is a known case when in Karelia the Caucasian Shepherd Dog single-handedly killed a pack of wolves, which had terrorized a remote village before. The dog untied at night and ran away “for a walk”, and in the morning its owner found the “Caucasian” surrounded by scraps of wool and bones of gray predators. In his teeth, he clenched the neck of a hardened she-wolf, which, apparently, lived longer than the rest. Today it has been reliably established that the ancestor of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is the Tibetan Great Dane, which, in turn, descended from large wolves.

However, looking at these huge dogs, one involuntarily begins to think that the true progenitor of the “Caucasians” is still a bear. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog belongs to the category of companion dogs, not aggressive fighters or hunters. She has a rather good-natured disposition and will never rush at a person first, unless it is a specially trained beast. Therefore, despite its impressive strength, the “Caucasian” only closes the five most ferocious dogs in the world.

4. Boxer

On the 4th place of our rating is the boxer – hunting and guard dog. She is distinguished by fearlessness and powerful jaws that inflict terrible injuries on the victim. Modern boxers are descended from the Dutch Bullenbeiser breed, which translates as “bull biting”. In Russia, where the breed was popular with the nobles, these dogs were called “bullhounds”. And after crossing them with English Bulldogs, very successful dogs appeared – Boxers. The dogs got this name because of the unusual habit of fighting not only with the teeth, but also with the front paws. One of the main features of the breed is the pincer bite.

It allows the boxer who is holding onto the victim to literally hang from it. There were cases when it was not possible to tear the dog away from the hated enemy even after the death of the dog. The death grip inherited from the bulldog and the square shape of the muzzle allows boxers to pull out pieces of meat from enemies, and then just wait until they bleed. It is no coincidence that boxers are called sports dogs for the will to win and the highest fighting qualities.


3. Rottweiler


The third place in our top is taken by the Rottweiler. It is a very serious watchdog, but also one of the strongest fighting dogs in the world. The ancestor of the Rottweiler is the black Swiss bootes, and the breed got its name thanks to the German city of Roth Weil, where it finally took shape. Most Rottweilers are friendly and calm, even with strangers. However, it is in this breed, albeit rarely, that uncontrollable outbursts of rage are noted, and in this case the Rottweiler straightens out the victim with lightning speed. For example, not so long ago near Chelyabinsk, a Rottweiler killed an eight-year-old child, instantly biting his neck.

The dog was shot, and the motives for this behavior are not fully understood. Perhaps they are related to white spots in the origin of the breed. According to one of the hypotheses, in the old days Rottweilers were trained to guard black slaves and some dogs perceive certain gestures as an attempt to escape, which prompts them to aggression. Due to their strength and agility, Rottweilers are actively used in dog fights. It is believed that, all other things being equal (weight, height, level of training), these dogs have preferable chances in confrontation with Alabai and Dobermans. But in a fight between a Rottweiler and a pit bull, the chances of winning are about the same.


2. Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers, which we put in second place, were bred in the middle of the 19th century in England by the breeder James Hinks. His goal was to create an ideal fighting breed, since it was at this time in Britain that bullfighting was banned, entertaining people and ordinary people switched to rat baiting and dog fights. The breeder achieved a brilliant result by crossing a bulldog, a terrier and a Dalmatian, getting at the exit a muscular dog with a characteristic elongated muzzle. The Bull Terrier is distinguished by insane courage, a stranglehold, agility, immunity to pain and, oddly enough … intelligence.

Yes, yes, contrary to the stereotype, the Bull Terrier does not rush at everything that moves, and he treats the owner and members of his flock (that is, the family) with trepidation and tenderness. The idea of ​​the irrepressible aggressiveness of the bull terrier arose because of his attitude towards other dogs. Indeed, being a born fighter, he instinctively perceives dogs (especially males) as enemies and competitors with whom he must certainly fight. In such fights, this rat-like baby is able to defeat even much larger individuals, therefore it rightfully takes the second place in the ranking of the most ferocious dogs.


1. Pitbull

But in the honorable first place we put pit bull terriers or, in common parlance, pit bulls. These dogs are notorious as there are many cases when they killed people. Not so long ago in Nizhnevartovsk, a pit bull gnawed the throat of its own owner, and it all began with a fun game that grew into a tragedy. This breed is so dangerous that it is prohibited to keep and breed in many countries of the world, including the Soviet Union once. Pit Bull Terriers were bred on the basis of English Bulldogs about three hundred years ago. It was assumed that it would be a strong and aggressive guard dog, but the breed turned out to be so ferocious that subsequently pit bulls were actively used in dog fights. As practice has shown, only a few dogs can resist them in the arena or in a street fight.

There are some chances against a pit bull, except for the representatives of the above-described breeds from this rating. And even then, while the Caucasian Shepherd Dog gets angry, in order to really aggressively resist the pit bull, he will have time to pull out her Adam’s apple, which often happens during dog fights. The Pit Bull is a natural born fighter, ready to fight at any time of the day or night. Despite the increased aggressiveness, these dogs are actively used by the military, customs officers and even special services. Without a doubt, this is not only the most ferocious, but also one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. Pit bulls have a well-deserved reputation as ruthless killers, so you should stay away from them and think ten times before starting such a dog at home.




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