How to start breeding cats

Most people think that breeding cats is not difficult at all and that making money from this home business is easy and simple. But if you do it seriously, then you need specific knowledge and skills.

How to start breeding cats

When choosing a breed, one should also remember about the nature of the pets. For example, moving cats ( Siamese , Bengal, Toyger) will need a large area. Others (the same Siamese or Abyssinian ) are very talkative and do not stop talking for a minute. Exclusive hybrid cats are quite capricious, have a wild character and are hard to tame.


If there is one male and several cats in the cattery, then the breeding process must be regulated.

Do not knit a female until she reaches the age of 12-18 months, only after the first 1-2 heats .

If the cat is invited from the outside, then the mating agreement is important, which provides all the terms of the transaction. Most often it is concluded on a prepayment basis in cash. But if the owner of the male liked some of the cats of the cattery, and he sees an opportunity to get interesting offspring, then the contract reflects “payment by the kitten of the first choice.” This means that the second party will choose the most interesting baby from the litter, and he has the primary right to do so.

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Pregnancy, childbirth, offspring

After the cats are mated, it is advisable to place them in a separate room and provide adequate nutrition and comfort. It is necessary to remove tall playgrounds and furniture to exclude the possibility of injury and miscarriage.

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30-35 days after mating, it is better to prepare a “nest” for each female. This can be a large cardboard box, completely closed with a slotted hole, or a cat’s house.

Some breeds require complete privacy, such as the Bengal. If it is not possible to allocate a separate enclosure for each female, you can purchase several large metal cages for dogs, and install the “nest” inside them, like a litter box, water and food.

Immediately after giving birth, the cat is closed, the cage is covered with a blanket. In this case, the female behaves calmly and takes full care of the kittens.

If childbirth is normal, they do not require intervention. But for the first birth of kittens, you can agree in advance with the veterinarian at least about round-the-clock telephone consultations.

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When nursing offspring, it is necessary to carefully monitor that the cat behaves correctly, all the babies suck, they are licked and gain weight.

If anything about the behavior of a lactating female or kitten is of concern, it is best to seek the advice of an experienced breeder or veterinarian.

After a month of life, kittens must be gradually taught to feed (it is better to start not with dry, but with natural meat), a litter tray and a scratching post. It is unacceptable to take them away from the mother before two, and sometimes four months. Read how to train a kitten to scratch , dry food .

Implementation and pricing

In order to make a profit, kittens must be sold.

To do this, use all possible means:

  • Own cattery website and social networks. They need to be promoted on the web using numerous modern information tools.
  • Forums. Most often, this site is occupied by several “star” breeders selling kittens at high prices. It is very difficult and unpleasant to compete with them.
  • Interactive trading platforms. In our country, today it is practically one monopolist – Avito. There are practically no free ads there. You can try others, for example, yulu, but so far their ratings among buyers are low.
  • Exhibitions. It is a good tool to implement litter. But for a serious show, an application for participation must be submitted at least two months in advance, that is, it must be planned in advance. Babies from 4 months are allowed to participate, very rarely from 3. In addition, money must be spent on paying for space and participation, obtaining a medical admission to the exhibition, and no one can guarantee sales. But, as a rule, at large shows, such as the Grand Prix Royal Canin or the Commonwealth (Moscow), there are always a lot of potential and real clients.

To determine the price of kittens, it is necessary to study special literature and sites of experienced breeders, follow the publications on the Internet. If the club has competent, friendly felinologists, then often consult with them and listen to the recommendations.

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