Dog and cat friendship in one home

There are many examples when a cat and a dog become true friends, willingly play, sleep in an embrace, and miss being apart. Often these couples grew up together. But owners should remember that when pets belong to different biological species, misunderstandings can arise between them. But there are cases of obvious hostility, thanks to which the expression “live like a cat and a dog” appeared.

It is a person who is obliged to ensure the safety of animals, since he makes different pets live side by side in a limited closed area. Usually it is about protecting the cat, but with the advent of many decorative breeds, it happens that the dog needs protection. A miniature toy terrier or chihuahua can weigh only 1.5-2 kg, while an adult cat weighs 3-5 kg ​​(Maine Coons up to 8-12 kg). And who needs protection in such a situation?

First meeting

dog and cat

Pets come to our house under various circumstances, and this event is not always planned. The owner must understand that the first meeting of unfamiliar animals does not always go smoothly, because the first pet already considers its territory.

Puppy and kitten

The easiest way is to make friends with two cubs. Neither puppy northe kitten will not show aggression towards each other. Kids have no negative experience, love to play and need a society, living warmth at their side.

If the cat and the dog grew up together, you don’t have to think about following some rules, there will be no problems.

Adult cat and puppy

This situation is also favorable for conflict-free living of pets. Although the puppy can be very annoying to the cat with obsession, activity and desire to play, this does not lead to problems.

  • The cat will easily put the cub in its place, even if it is already larger in size.
  • At the same time, the dog will learn to respect the cat from a young age and will transfer this attitude into adulthood.

Adult dog and kitten


If the dog is a large or hunting breed (fox terrier, dachshund, hound), the feline child may be in danger. Although the small squeaky lump is not perceived by the dog as a competitor, a single accidental bite can be fatal.

The dog may throw itself at the kitten involuntarily, seeing how he runs away. However, animals are good at recognizing whether a cub is in front of them or an adult. The attitude towards babies is loyal, especially in dogs with a pronounced maternal instinct.

Both animals are adults

When a cat and a dog meet with a certain baggage of life experience, problems can arise from either side:

  • A dog can show aggression towards all cats, in principle, and then one cannot do without the help of a professional dog handler.
  • The cat can fiercely defend its territory, push the dog, begins to walk in toilet in the wrong place because of the strongeststress .

In order to smooth out the differences and prevent possible complications as much as possible, the owner must correctly build a line of behavior, and most importantly, to establish the life of the pets.

The first meeting should take place under the supervision of a person, while the animals are left with escape routes without locking them in a confined space. You should consider in advance how to separate pets in the event of a fight. You can keep at hand:

  • a spray bottle or just a container of water;
  • thick mittens;
  • heavy dense bedspread.


dog and cat

A cat and a dog belong to different biological species and, although they belong to the order of predators, they eat completely differently. Accordingly, it is important for the health of pets that they eat separately and do not steal food from each other.

Most of the injuries associated with bites are caused by cats due to their natural curiosity. When approaching a large dog during a meal, furry friends are at great risk: the instinct to protect their food is one of the strongest in dogs. Experience shows that at a bowl, a dog can rush even at a long-familiar cat, with whom he did not conflict in everyday life.

Basic feeding rules:

  • Supervised feeding of the dog, uneaten food removed.
  • The bowls should be in different places, far from each other.
  • Provide the cat with access to fresh water .
  • Feeding the cat on the upper tier, out of reach of the dog.

At first glance, catering can be difficult. Especially if the cat, for objective reasons, cannot jump upstairs (injury,old age ). But dogs differ in that they swallow food without chewing, food intake is short, and no snacks are allowed until the next feed. Then the problem is solved by a closed door to the feeding room (usually the kitchen) with a built-in cat door, into which the dog is not able to squeeze.

It is useful to set a separate drinking water for the cat. fountain , as some furry fantasies refuse to drink from the bowl after the dogs. It is not surprising, because dogs often drink inaccurately, splashing water around, and dog saliva remains in the water.


Animals should be able to rest from each other.

  • Usually cats need a secluded place, because they are loners by nature. Even within the same room, a cat can hide from an annoying friend, if there is an opportunity to jump upstairs and get comfortable there. Sometimes furniture is enough for this, sometimes it is better to buy and install a special multi-level complex withhouse-couch .
  • It will also be useful for a small dog with a gentle psyche to have a closed shelter where she can hide in the absence of her owners. A simple carry is suitable for this purpose.

It is very important to ensure that your cat can safely visit the litter box. Otherwise, she will endure to the last, health problems are possible. In addition, many dogs have a disgusting habit of eating other people’s feces.

  • The solution to the problem is to replace the regular tray with closed toilet house .
  • The second option is to install the tray in a room with a permanently closed door, in which a cat’s hole is installed.

DOG cat

The caress and attention of the owner (“leader”) is another basic need for pets. Although the dog, as a social, schooling animal, requires much more attention, the cat should not be deprived of it. Both four-legged animals should feel important, needed and loved, this is the key to peace of mind. It is useful to emphasize in every possible way the superiority of the cat, its high position on the hierarchical ladder.

Joint active Games are very useful for strengthening relationships. In addition, by shedding energy during classes, pets will less run after each other in the absence of a person. If the dog oversteps the boundaries (bites, pushes strongly with his nose), he must be strictly pulled up, without waiting for a dozen claws to grab his face.


If an adult dog lives in the house, before bringing a kitten into the house, you need to check how the dog reacts to cats. If on the street a pet strives to chase a homeless cat, barks madly, tears the leash – this is a problem. Usually, the help of a dog handler is required to get the dog to ignore cats. Such a dog will never fall in love with a cat, but will emphatically ignore the fluffy neighbor. With the help of training, you can ensure that the dog will not throw himself not only at cats, but also at any other animals that are the property of the owner – chicken, rat, etc.

If the cat suddenly appeared in the house, before the aggressive dog underwent a course of obedience, it is necessary to equip an aviary, a corral at home. The dog should move around the apartment on a short leash and in a muzzle.

Claw cutting

dogs and cat

Even a large dog can be seriously hurt by a cat attack if the eye is injured by sharp claws. At the first signs of corneal injury (lacrimation, squinting eyes), you need to start using antibiotic eye drops 4-6 times a day (Floxal, Tobrex), and, if necessary, see a veterinary ophthalmologist.

  • If there are several animals at home, cats must have claws are trimmed , and ideally – additionally sanded with a nail file.
  • Another option is special silicone claw caps that are attached with glue.


Even if there is no tender affection between the cat and the dog, this is not a reason for worry. The main thing is that the pets are neutral. Then they will simply exist in parallel worlds, crossing only occasionally. This will not prevent the owner from receiving joy from communicating with such different animals. To keep a cat and a dog at the same time, it is necessary to create  conditions for a complete absence of competition, which is not so difficult. Then peace and tranquility will reign in the house.

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