Breeding tips for cats

Breeding tips for cats

A lot of people surfing the Internet see information about the sale and breeding of purebred kittens, are surprised by the cosmic price tags for a small fluffy ball. Immediately, thoughts arise that you need to buy a cat and a cat, bring them together and sell their kids at an inflated price – an easy and profitable business, on the one hand. Only few people know about the various pitfalls that are present there.

How to start breeding cats ?

If you are still thinking about purchasing and breeding animals, then you need to first choose the breed with which you would like to work. Study detailed information about different breeds, their character, habits, features, shortcomings. Most often, breeders select a breed that matches their personality.

Breed selection

Here are some of the most popular breeds:

Exotic cat – small size, with a flattened nose, short-haired, each animal has its own character, bred by crossing short-haired American and Persian cats.


Persian breed – animals with long, beautiful hair, originally from Persia, such cats need careful care, by nature – 97% of animals are kind and affectionate.


Maine Coon cats are about the size of a small lynx, with long hair and a large stomach. It is better to breed such individuals in private houses, where there is a lot of free space.


British straight-eared and fold-eared Scots are short-haired, wayward, they must cross either straight-eared with straight-eared, or fold with straight-eared, in no case should fold cats with lop-eared be mated.
Canadian Sphynxes are an amateur breed, completely bald, small in size. Such animals require careful care, frequent bathing, such cats live exclusively at home and in warm conditions.
Canadian Sphynxes

A few more popular breeds – Russian blue, Seam, Siberian, Cornish Rex, Abyssinian.

All of the above breeds are quite popular and in good demand, and this should be taken into account when choosing. You can pick up a rarer purebred cat, with a price much higher than Persians or Sphynxes, but, as they say, there are not very many fans of such breeds and will there be a demand for your kittens.

Having chosen a certain breed, browse the Internet or books, study diseases, care, genetics, the diet of an animal and a lot of other useful information. Undoubtedly, you should be very sober in assessing your work and understand that animals are almost like people and require considerable expenses. After all, first you need to buy a kitten, raise, feed, mate, then care for the offspring, vaccinations, food and much more. If you are mentally and physically ready for this, then you can start looking for the right kitten and equip your house for a nursery.

Suitable living conditions

If you decide on one cat or cat, then there will be no special problems. He or she may well just live with you in a house or apartment, however, after the bundle, you will need to allocate a place for the cat and her kittens. It should have everything you need from cups of food and water to cat litter. In any case, the room where the cat lives must be clean and ventilated.

If you decide to purchase several animals at once, then you should think about the place where they will live. If you have a private house, then built enclosures for each cat would be the ideal solution. They need ventilation, heating in winter, light, so that the animals feel comfortable. There should be cat litter with or without filler, cups for water and food, houses for each animal, scratching posts, possibly some toys.


In addition to all of the above, food or feed is needed, because each animal reacts in its own way to the same product, filler, it is best to purchase woody, low in price and good in terms of reviews and quality. You will also need claw scissors, shampoos, combs for long-haired animals.

Where to buy a kitten

If you want an animal with good health, pedigree and for breeding, then in no case look for a cat in the markets where they sell all kinds of pets. The ideal option would be to purchase a cat or a cat in a special cat cattery, which has an excellent reputation and good show animals.

But it happens that in such nurseries, prices are very high, so the easier option is to look for an animal through friends, or through the Internet in ads. But here you have to be very careful and careful, cheap is not always good. You must look at the animal live, examine the documents for the kitten ( veterinary passport , metric, or pedigree), documents for the parents, you can also see diplomas from exhibitions, if any.

The metric or pedigree of a kitten indicates that the parents are with pedigree, the kitten itself is purebred, that breeding is possible. A veterinary passport is a health card, there should be information about vaccinations, treatment for fleas and worms. It is drawn up by the breeder, when it is sold, it is given to the buyer and the records there are already kept by him. Often, breeders write their phone numbers for communication and any questions, as well as the phone number of the veterinarian who works with this nursery and is time-tested. Do not forget about concluding a contract when buying an animal.

Obtaining a pedigree for a kitten is discussed with the breeder, they are given a ready-made document, or a metric, which will need to be changed to pedigree within a certain time. It is necessary to clarify how this can be done and how much it will cost. The metric contains data about the animal, its name, date of birth, color, sex, breed, in addition there must be a stamp of the cattery or club, information about the breeder and contacts of the club where the cattery is registered. To obtain a pedigree, you will need to send the animal’s metric and money to the club to which the nursery is assigned and within a couple of weeks you will be given a pedigree.

How to become a breeder

To start breeding, you must register with a cat club and obtain the status of a breeder. What does the club do? Conducts cat shows, prepares documentation for animals (metrics, pedigrees, certificates for adults), and prepares documents for the cattery.

To obtain the official status of a breeder, you must apply to any cat club in your city. In turn, the club will send your application to an international organization, where it will be checked for uniqueness and a decision will be made to issue a certificate for opening a cattery. It takes about 7-14 business days. You also need to join the club, pay an annual membership fee. Through the club, you will be able to issue certificates for adult cats, diplomas, pedigrees for offspring, and on the club’s website you can advertise mating or selling kittens.

Participation in exhibitions

Before you breed cats and get offspring, you need to earn status and “get out into the light.” For this, there are exhibitions of pedigree cats. Such exhibitions are organized by cat clubs, it is there that the judges determine the class of your cat, its status as a producer. Exhibitions are very costly, so not all breeders attend every event.


To earn the highest rating for your animal, you need to properly care for it, do not forget about caring for the ears, claws, eyes and hair. The animal must have an adequate character and behavior, it must not be aggressive, it must behave adequately among other people and cats. All the necessary vaccinations and treatments are also needed.

Before bringing your pet out, it is better to go to any exhibition as a spectator. See how such events are held, how the future champion should look, how he should behave, what the judges pay attention to when examining cats. Then it will be easier for you to prepare for this nervous and costly event.

There are several exhibition classes:

  • Open – cats from 10 months are fighting for the title of candidate for CAC champions.
  • Young – from 6 to 10 months, there is a selection of “The best young animal in the show”.
  • Kitten class – from 3 to 6 months, the choice of “Best kitten in the show”.
  • Liter – animals from 10 weeks to three months of age, there must be at least three kittens from one litter.


Felinology is the study of the anatomy and physiology of domestic cats, their care, breeding and other features. To know enough about the animals you are going to deal with, you need to study their physiology and genetics, so that in the future there will be no problems with the offspring or health of cats. You need to know the basics of veterinary medicine, the rules of breeding. All this can be studied independently, taking information from a variety of sources. There are also special paid courses, which will tell you about all the intricacies and rules. After training, there is an exam, at the end of which you will receive a diploma.

How to advertise an animal

If you go to exhibitions and decide to bring your animal for mating, then advertising is necessary. Some offer mating services on classified sites, others on the site of the club they are registered with. You can advertise your animal at shows, talk to other breeders, or give out your business cards.


The ideal age for mating a cat or cat is after a year. In order to breed a cat, she needs at least one show title, for a cat – at least several titles, good offspring and excellent reviews and recommendations. When choosing a pair for your pet, study the pedigrees so that there is no relationship between cats. In some breeds, the color of the animal plays an important role in mating, do not forget to study this issue very carefully.

Most often, the conditions for mating are given by the owner of the cat, it is to him that the cat is taken for several days. He sets the cost of mating with his animal, pledging to see to it that mating happens. As payment, he may demand one or two kittens from the resulting offspring. Before knitting, it is necessary to draw up a special contract so that in the future there are no claims from any side.

Birth and care of offspring

A pregnant cat walks for about 58 to 70 days, counting from the first mating. If a cat is giving birth for the first time, then she needs your constant attention. After the birth of kittens, you can safely leave the cat for 3 weeks, after which you need to start feeding them. In addition, you need to start potty training kittens, to communicate with people.

Cute Cats

Do not forget about vaccinations and treatment for worms. It is recommended to start selling kittens no earlier than three months so that the animal can eat and go to the toilet on its own.

Kittens for sale

When the offspring has grown up enough, you can safely advertise for sale, indicating gender, color, breed and date of birth. You can advertise on the Internet, on the club’s website or on your own website, or tell your friends and acquaintances about the kittens.

When selling, you must give the buyer the metric or pedigree of the kitten, explaining what it is and why, a veterinary passport indicating the vaccinations and treatments made. If you have your own veterinarian, then give his contacts. Be sure to include your phone number to contact so buyers can call you with any question or problem. Give some dry food for the first time, a disposable diaper for transporting the animal to the new home. Tell us about the care, nutrition and characteristics of the kitten.

Advantages and disadvantages of breeding cats

As with any job, animal breeding has its positive and negative sides. Any animal, pedigree or not, takes time, money and attention. The more cats, the more money you have to invest to keep them healthy and well-groomed. It is necessary to soberly understand that most of the money received from the sale of feline offspring will go into business – the purchase of food, filler, vitamins, vaccinations and preparations for processing. Of course, if you have several cats and your own cat, then the costs will be less, you will not have to spend money on mating with someone else’s cat. And from each cat you can get up to six kittens, so the profit will be quite good, even despite all the costs.

Breeding cats is a big responsibility, you can’t just take your cat and sit and wait for the kittens to grow. Unfortunately, cats do not always have healthy or live kittens. You always need to be prepared for the fact that a not quite healthy kitten will have to leave time on duty, to rush with him like a child, to take care of him so that he too has a good and happy life.

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